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Northkirk is a community of followers of Jesus. Our church is led by the risen Lord Jesus. He continues to speak to his church through the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit. Our heritage is the reformed tradition of Christianity. Our Presbyterian heritage brings a number of historical creeds and confessions from the first centuries of the early Church to the twentieth century which are subordinate to God’s Word yet inform our understanding of the Scriptures.


Mission Statement

Northkirk is a Christ-centered Presbyterian Church whose mission is to live out God's love as we gather together and reach out. Living out God’s love invites us first to know God. We gather to learn of God’s love through the Scriptures, discussing Jesus’ teaching and mission, praying and experiencing the Lord answer our prayers. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, loving, good, true, caring, devoted, constant, almighty, compassionate, patient… and so much more! We learn to love one another by reading and reflecting on how Jesus loved others, even his enemies. To love is to act in care for each other, to understand the needs of each other, to be willing to give to each other, and to celebrate joys together. As the church is the hands and feet of Jesus, our love extends to those that have yet to know God’s love. We live out this love of God with each other and our neighbors. We are called to be a blessing and so exhibit the values of the kingdom of God. Finally, we gather and we reach out. We are a community called together by God and directed to reach out to others by God. In this calling we are regularly listening for the direction of the Lord whom we live to serve with joy.

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